Online Adjunct Jobs

Online Adjunct Jobs

To say that online adjunct jobs are numerous now and will be more numerous in the future is a vast understatement. There s a certain amount of allure contained in the concept of being able to earn a college degree by participating in online college programs that lead to an online bachelor degree, and this allure is not limited strictly to new and returning college students because it also applied to college teachers seeking to earn a decent living. The same reason an online education appeals to adult learners, online college courses can be attended by using a computer to log onto the Internet, online college classes can be entered any time of the day or night and these online education courses do not interfere with other equally important obligations such as taking care of children and earning a living at a traditional job. The college teacher suffering from the negative effects of state budget cuts to post-secondary educational institutions can earn a considerable amount of extra cash by teaching an online course or two for a distance learning online college. These days, the vast majority of college instructors teaching core curriculum classes, English, psychology and math, are teaching adjunct because there is little or no possibility of ever becoming a full time faculty member. Further, the amount a college adjunct earns for teaching a college class, in terms of the number of students in each class, is miniscule and hardly pays the rent. Add to this problem the issue of having to drive a car, which requires gas and tires and insurance, to the physical campus and the amount of take home pay a traditional college instructors earns disappears without a trace. The alternative, and it is a genuine alternative what with the maturation of the technology required to deliver quality college-level instruction across the Internet, is to search for as many online adjunct jobs as possible and apply for them on a rotational basis.

Online Adjunct Jobs Considered

By far, the best method of uncovering online teaching openings is the “cold call” approach. Basically, the method is to apply to each and every community college, state college and state university, not forgetting the for-profit colleges offering their students online associate degrees, an online psychology degree or an online bachelor degree, whether the school’s web site actually has any online teaching positions available at the moment the application materials are submitted for teaching online courses. Eventually, every academic institution will offer online degree courses to its students because it is simply less costly to deliver and maintain on line college courses than it is to build and maintain physical classrooms. Additionally, more and more college students will come from the ranks of the “non-traditional” population, which means single mothers with children, senior citizens seeking to finish their college education and unemployed industrial seeking online training courses as a path to re-employment in a new field of work.

This group of new and returning college students is already busy trying to live their lives, and they are eager to pursue a college education from a computer at any time of the day or night. It is at the junction of emerging online college programs and non-traditional college students that the college instructor trying to earn a decent living should place himself or herself. The reason for being at this junction of technology and need for post-secondary education is that teaching online college classes for an academic program that offers students an online bachelor degree is a very good way to increase the income of any college teachers with the appropriate academic credentials.

Online Adjunct Jobs Credentials

As every college instructor with any college classroom experience at all knows, the largest group of college students can be found in the core classes such as composition, math, history and psychology. Thus, college instructors with graduate degrees in one of the core areas of study, one of the academic areas that every college student must make and pass in order to earn any kind of degree, are certainly in the best position to apply for online teaching opening. Granted, there might not be all that much pay in any single online college course, but multiple online degree courses will produce multiple paychecks. When combined with several on-ground adjunct courses, online college courses can double or triple a college teacher’s income. Also, if the search for online adjunct jobs is pursued with enough vigor, it is highly probable that the on-ground college courses can be dropped entirely because there is a considerable savings to be had by not needing to maintain a motor vehicle in order to travel from one traditional college campus to another college campus.

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