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Enter the Academic Land of Plenty with Online Adjunct Faculty Jobs

It probably seems to the vast majority of educators, and especially those that teach as adjunct college instructors, that the gates of academic Eden have closed forever and they are definitely standing on the wrong side of intellectual paradise. While this is entirely understandable with the mass layoffs and extremely low pay being visited on every level of the academy, there is a bright side to teaching for a living and its illumination comes from the maturing of distance education technology. It is now possible for public academic institutions, community colleges, state colleges and four-year universities, to easily and inexpensively offer their student populations online bachelor degree programs and online master degree programs, which will allow individuals with earned graduate degrees, a master’s degree or Ph.D., to enter, or re-enter, the academic land of plenty with online adjunct faculty jobs. Of course, the person wishing to acquire a full time online teaching schedule must learn how to use a personal computer to find online college degree programs on the Internet. This actually isn’t all that difficult since there are over five thousand post-secondary academic institutions and each of them now have a fully functional website with a faculty application section specifically designed to easily accept academic credentials for online adjunct jobs.

Academic administrators and new and returning college students agree on one very import aspect of earning a college degree today. They both really appreciate the ease and the low cost inherent in the delivery of academic instruction across the Internet. The truth o the matter is that there is little or no chance the costs of maintaining a physical college or university campus because any physical structure must be maintained over long period time with ever greater effort, and the budgetary funds required to finance the unavoidable maintenance of both the campus and the physical college classrooms on them is not supportable any more. The result of this academic paradigm shift, so to speak, is a growing number of college students pursuing a registered nursing degree online, online masters degree in education or online criminal justice degree. Of course, each of the online college courses within these online degree programs must have an academically qualified and technically alert online adjunct instructor in the role of online teacher.

The best way to begin locating potential schools that offer enough accredited distance learning programs to make them a viable candidate for submitting online faculty positions applications to each day is to visit the websites of the individual schools. Every college or university now offers some online college classes and it a certainty that these schools will increase the availability of accredited distance education in the future. The educator with a willingness to learn how to effectively navigate the Internet so that a rotational application strategy can be implemented with, hopefully, the end result being that multiple invitations to teach online will be forthcoming within a year’s time. Granted, the entire process of securing six to eight online adjunct faculty jobs to teach throughout the year takes effort, focus and determination, but the result online adjunct income streams truly are a way to enter the academic land of plenty.

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