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Adjunct Faculty Jobs Online Repair A Dismal Academic Outlook

The academic labor market may appear to be in a nosedive as a result of budget cuts, but that perspective would be entirely too pessimistic since it is possible to employ a graduate degree, a Ph.D. or master’s degree, and classroom experience into adjunct faculty jobs online that have the capacity to repair an apparently dismal academic outlook for public school educators. The maturation of distance education technology over the last decade makes the deployment of online bachelor degree programs and online masters degree programs extremely easy for administrators of state colleges, four-year universities and community colleges that desperately require a viable alternative to the expensive-to-maintain physical classrooms and the college campuses they reside on. The new and returning post-secondary students that are swelling the enrollment at public schools are choosing to earn an online undergraduate business degree, an online registered nurse degree or a health administration degree online by access the online college classes from their personal computers. The combination of college and university students acceptance of online degree programs and the academic administrators determination to meet the post-secondary education needs of the student populations with the relatively inexpensive online college degree programs creates ample online adjunct faculty job openings for the academically and technically prepared academic.

The for-profit colleges have demonstrated over the last ten or fifteen years that distance learning can be both intellectually satisfying and economically profitable if distance education technology is aggressively employed by the schools. The academic that have grasp the import of the emergence of online college classes have enjoyed teaching online for the for-profit colleges and have learned that an online teaching portfolio with six to ten online college courses in it can provide multiple online adjunct income streams and unprecedented mobility since all the online courses within the online degree programs can be managed and accessed from any place that offers a connection to the Internet.

What may be the most interesting and attractive element of teaching online is that the educational activity inherent in the academic labor model used by the schools is far different in practice than what is being experienced by traditional adjunct college professor teaching on physical college and university campuses. Traditional adjunct instructor can only add more college or university classes to their teaching schedules by traveling to another physical campus, and in order to do that it is necessary to have another community college or university campus within driving distance. While this may be possible for academics in a densely populated urban area capable of supporting multiple physical colleges and universities, the academic living in a less populated area might have only one other campus on which to teach every day. This problem of accessibility to opportunities to teach more college classes suffered by traditional adjunct college faculty members is remedied by the ease of teaching for distant online degree programs located on the Internet. It is only necessary to visit the website of one of the thousands of colleges, for-profit colleges, state universities and community colleges in order to apply for an online teaching position with that post-secondary academic institution. This means that it is relatively easy to increase the online adjunct income from adjunct faculty jobs online without having to physically travel to another school.

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